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Are you fed up to get fines for unauthorized access in Restricted areas ?
Then, I am the app that suits you.
I have all the information about all the Italian restricted areas unforced by cameras.
There are  more than 200 cities and 1500 cameras.
I will show you unforced Bus Lines, Ttoo
I work in a very easy way.
Do you want to know where cameras are ? Go in “Mappe” and you will see where they are, when they are working and the website where you can  find all the information you need.
Are you driving and do you want to know if there are working cameras ?
Put on GPS and go in “Drive”, I will show you where cameras  are working.
The map will open in your position and, if there is a working camera nearer than 2 kms, I will tell you.
When cameras will appear, they could be  red, black or grey.
You must pay attention to the red ones, you could take a fine.
You don't have to worry about black ones because they only fine in the opposite direction.
The grey ones aren't working at that time.
I will talk only  about the red ones but if you don't want to hear me you can put off my voice by “Parla” key.
I will put you in the map center but if you don't want, you can put off by “Segui”  key
Are you looking for parkings, restaurants or hotels in Restricted area ?
You can see it in my map.
For all that you need, contact us, we will be glad to help you.
And now what are you waiting for ? I am in a great hurry to drive you!! 


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